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Wiring a starter button


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Help needed,

I have looked at the how to guides section, on how to wire a starter button on a K series, but unfortunately I can't get the wiring diagrams to open. Has anyone got a copy I could have, or come up with a solution as to why I can't open them on the site?

Thanks Simon

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I have this document in my Dropbox with a diagram on the last page for installing a start button and also getting rid of the ignition barrel, replacing it with an aircraft flip switch, if desired:


I can't remember where the document came from, so I can't credit.

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CPC workout cheaper for non-trade accounts. I think Farnell and CPC are the same company.



For information my previous starter button stopped working after circa 13 years and 65,000 miles.

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I'm confused about the bottom wiring diagram. It appears that the 12v from battery is connected indirectly to the starter button. Does that not mean that the car can be started just by the button at any time. How do you wire it so that the button is only live when the toggle switch for ignition is in the on position.


Am I going mad?

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