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offset madness

Alan Bowler

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I bought a new 15" x 6.5 10 spoke Anthracite for my S3. Wheel is stamped ET13 like

the other 3 I have. Got a new tyre fitted, and went to put it on...

But its different! Fouls the wing stay!

I'm guessing I got a CSR wheel by mistake, but wouldn't that mean it had a

different offset *confused*

Isn't one ET13 15x6.5 wheel the same as any other?


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I specified two sets of wheels with a well known manufacturer. When they arrived none of the wheels were within 3mm of my agreed specification. This was not a big problem as I did factor an element of discrepancy, but I did ring and ask why. The excuse I got was a bit like what Jason said, the measurement is programmed in but by the time the machining of the edges has been done for weight saving etc. the offset is out. I think if folk actually measured their wheels they would be surprised.

I find it strange that a CC anthryte wheel could differ from each other though *confused*


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