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duratec engine HELP


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When installing my Duratec, I removed the starter, installed the engine, and then re-affixed the starter.


edit -- I also removed and re-installed the oil filter and its mount for the same reason.


*smile* Sean


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Thanks guy. I reason with Jason & Mad Hatter. I was going to remove the starter but then I thought maybe not as there wouldn't be any space to install it later. I spoke to my contact at caterham. he was suprise and need more photos. Any way, I read somewhere that you need to tilt the engine to the right and don't worry it it appear to be falling off. Will try that and let you guy know the outcome.


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I don't remember having any problem with the starter on my CC Duratec build.

The alternator, bottom R here had to come off however, released by a twist with a scocket of the belt tensioner, top R.


Sorry, don't know if that is obvious in the build manual, as didn't have one.




Build pictures here

Guantanamo Bay Orange SUPERLIGHT R400......



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Neil - it was in the manual, didn't read that part until later. However, I still couldn't install the engine until I removed the alternator, starter, screen washer bottle and both engine mounts??. Its in now, later discover that the earth cable is too short and missing legs for the radiator, CC close then for the season. So the engine is still hanging from the hoist??. Have you got wiring note for duratec 2.0 L there is no manual for duratec. hyelp



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Having finished a 150 recently, some advice I learned from this forum that really helped me; step away from the vehicle, take a deep breath, call Caterham. They provided the kit, if anything does not make sense, or parts don't seem to fit, then they made a mistake. I had to get replacement or missing parts every week of my 12 week build. Many parts did not fit, or the instructions were for a different car, or some other craziness. Take it slow and stick to it. Look for build pics from others who have built 175s. It will come together, and you will be out on a blat this spring.



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If it's any help, here are some pics of my R400D/S3 build. I imagine the engine and engine bay dimensions are pretty much the same as yours. My Assembly Guide had a combination of Sigma stuff and R400 stuff. I guess yours has a 175 section in place of the R400 one?


To get the engine in, I had to remove the alternator. Also, I'd put the washer bottle too central on the footwell front panel (the Assembly Guide was misleading) so had to reposition it nearer the sideskin. Apart from that, I had very few probs other than shortages and one ot two wrong parts. If you haven't already done so, talk to Sean Cummerson at the factory. He's a star, and will move mountains to help you.


Oh, and do consider Robert W's excellent advice too!



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