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DeDion Radius Arms, which is which?


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Doh.... done something a bit stupid. Have a '89 dedion and have removed the radius arms to clean them up and paint. In the process I can not remember which is left and right.


The tube is welded to the bush tubes at either end are offset from the centre line along the longitudinal axis. Like so /________/ ( well kind of ). So depending on which side of the car you fit them it will either place the tube closer or further away from the side of the car than if they were centrally welded like this /------------/.


So should they be mounted to space the tube to give wheel rim clearance and therefore close to the chassis or vice versa and be spaced away from the chassis.


May be it will all be clear when I rebuild the car but at the moment I just cant think which way round they were.


IF this makes sense could you put me out of my misery?





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I also recall that the bolt at the rear of the trailing arm/ dedion should be inserted specificaling in one direction to avoid contact with something 🤔 - which of course you only realise when you drop the car back on the ground *rolleyes*


or am I talking nonsense 🤔


here is my Duratec R .... C7 TOP

Taffia joint AO with Al


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Glad it is not just me. I was very careful when removing to replace the bolts in the correct orientation to identify LH to RH. Problem was a couple of weeks later I forgot I had done this and then removed the bolts to prepare/ paint them DOH.


Also took many photo's, more for the record than the detail and as murphy dictates none of the shots showed the parts in enough detail.


Oh well, the power of BC quickly sorts.



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