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Boot Liner


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Does anyone know of an 'off-the-shelf' or ingenious way to create a boot liner or floor for an S3 Caterham? I'm particularly interested in the sound deadening qualities of such a thing if that makes it any easier.


As always, any feedback and advice welcomely received.


Best, Paul.

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Sound deadening = weight *eek*


(Ian's floors are excellent *thumbup* 😶‍🌫️)


The standard CC carpet sets do look smart; I think you'd have to go some to take all the rattles and noises that make a 7 a 7! Dynamat do some spray on deadener?






Bugsy: '82 2cv6 😬

Talloulah '08 1.6K Classic

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As well as a standard boot floor carpet, Caterham also do a 'vertical' boot carpet set, which lines all four sides of the boot space. This is quite effective at reducing some of the noise, and also protects the ali panels from dents from heavy objects sliding around.



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I applied the Caterham boot-liner carpet kit (boot floor, and sides) to my 2007 S3.


However, instead of just gluing the carpet to the ali, I cut some blue foam camping sleeping pad material to fit each piece of carpet, and glued these pieces to the backside of the carpet. The I glued the combination pieces to the ali in the proper places in the boot.


It takes a little fiddling, and cut and paste trial and error, to get each piece to fit properly, but can be done in an evening or two.


The blue stuff is about 3/8 -inch thick, and it weighs next to nothing. However, it does seem to offer additional soundproofing, and it definitely guards against toolboxes and other heavy objects denting the bodywork from the inside.



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