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K series head gasket


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Any recomendations for a replacement K gasket? Or should I just get a normal one from a garage?

Failed on seven year old S2 Elise for no apparent reason. All the coolent disappeared from the header tank, and the dip stick showed blobs of water. The RAC man told my son he didn't need a break down truck as the car could safely be driven!! - son insisted and RAC man got very *mad*

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My experience of the MLS gaskets is that they work fine if the liner heights are perfect, if the liner heights are less so then the regular Payen BW750 gasket is the one to use.


The shim provided with the MLS gasket can improve matters if the head surface has voids or porosity.


To be sure..


Ensure your liner heights are perfect (.004")

Ensure the head is not soft (> 95 brinell)

Ensure the head is flat

Peen the fire ring area of the head to consolidate the material and squeeze out any voids, then skim the head.

Use a genuine Payen BW750 gasket (not a cheap copy)

Use genuine OE head bolts

Use the steel dowels that come with the HG unless you already have them fitted.



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