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Old Brake Fluid


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Hello POBC,


I am sure I being a cheap skate but I don't like to throw stuff away so I ask the following:


How long would an unopened plastic bottle of Castrol Super response Dot 4 lasts?


I have about a 1.5 l which is two years old, the opened 1/2l is of no use i am sure but I am wondering about the un opened one.


I am also wondering if it is possible to drive any water off by heating it?


Any thought welcome including "Stop being tight" and "why risk your brakes they are far too important"



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I would think it should be OK as long as it was not stored on a concrete floor. The moisture will permiatate the bottle over time.


Would not advise heating it, either use or chuck away. Remember the ignition temp is quite low compared to petrol for example

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To flush the system through and bleed i belive 1.5 litres should do it.


Btw brake fluidvis not really something to skimp on.... Not just from a safety/performance perspective, but because if the moisture content is too high it can cause corrosion, which in turn will cost you lots ££


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