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Aero Screens


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Toying, seriously with ditching the windscreen and going for aero screens. But which to go for?


There appear to be relatively few comments regarding the perspex aero screens sold by Caterham. Is there a reason for this, are they any good and how are they best fitted? Is a stanchion required?


I'm not a big fan of carbon and don't think RiF does a composite one, unless anyone tells me differently.


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Do Caterham still sell the perspex one, I didn't think they did? I have one but it's not brilliant. It attatches using 5 perspex lugs (that break off if you overtighten) that bolt through the scuttle. The best one I've seen is RiF's. If you don't like Carbon you could spray it black but as a design it's very good.


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It depends on how tall you are WRT the Caterham screens. If you are quite tall (6'+) the RIF standard one might suit you better as it has a lip that deflects the wind over your head. The Caterham ones (either JPE style that fix to the scuttle using 5 small studs or the interchangeable that uses the front windscreen hole and centre poppers) are lower and don't have this lip which means you get more wind buffeting.


Brooklands aeroscreens are excellent and help direct the airflow far better but are a) much heavier on your car and b) not to everyone's taste if you have a blackpacked car.







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Just bought the RIF one and fitted it this weekend

Really nice quality and believe it or it believe it not I managed a conversation with the passenger at 65mph!

Fitted really easily once you have fitted the sealing strip and is interchangable and most importantly cheaper than the CC one 😬




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I use the Caterham perspex ones for hillclimbs/sprints/trackdays. The current design is a bent piece of perspex with holes drilled through it. I have attached them using rivnuts set into the scuttle and set screws so they are interchangeable - the rivnuts are hidden by the windscreen stanchion when fitted.

To be honest they don't do a lot - they aren't really upright enought to deflect the wind properly. It doesn't help that being a short 🙆🏻 I sit very close to the screen - it might work better if I was sat further back. I know some people have attacked them with a heat gun and managed to bend them into a more upright position.

I certainly wouldn't use them without a helmet on.


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I've got the Caterham interchanagable ones and think they are brilliant. I must admit I haven't had any experience of others so I can't compare and I do wear a helmet but I just love my aeroscreening, twice the fun than full screen and as yet I don't have half doors. 😬 😬 😬 😬



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I cannot comment on the Caterham products. However I can on the RiF solution.


There was a thread running on the Westfield forum about their favourite aero and nearly everyone was wearing a helmet. I queried this as I've never, in the 6 years I've had the aero fitted worn a helmet (other than once in heavy rain on the M6).


I suggested they try a test, At high speeds (100+mph) hold your hand, palm forward next to your face. Then move it up 1 hand length. If you can keep it steady at face height but get your arm broken off at the higher position then the aero is doing it's job. Some came back and said their aero's wern't doing the job.


RiF's screen does the job.


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