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Narrow track LA suspension parts


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No problem.


What I have identified as a problem is the 3 types of potential wishbone. Ooo-err, which one?


Live axle negative camber here

Live axle non-negative camber here

Live axle with a dohickey bar across the wide end here


I've got one of the first two, but who knows if it's got a camber or not 🤔 🤔


Alex McDonald

Loud, louder, loudest...

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Hi Alex. The original wishbones on my 1988 dedion came as std type.

Did fit the negative camber ones they have an N stamped next to where the trunnion fits. Think these were same as la.

Do not know if number 3 has taper rubbers or as the later metalastic bush type.

I am in the process of fitting the non trunion type wishbones which can be done wthout chassis mods. But it means making hole in body larger.



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