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Busa Engine Breather


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I bought and fitted a blanking plate for my engine from TST last year. I have a dry sump and have just upgraded the engine to high compression.


It has now been suggested that I might now be better removing this blanking plate and re-fitting the engine breather.


I have a breather on my dry sump overfill tank, does this not already do the job adequetly or with a 13:1 compression ratio would I be better refitting the original breather *confused*

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The following Quote is from the SBD website Suzuki Hayabusa dry sump kit installation intructions


"It is beneficial to use this dry sump system with a completely sealed engine breather,

however this can ONLY be done if your particular engine creates a vacuum. In order

to check this, a monometer needs to be connected to the engine breather and the

crankcase pressure measured.

With the engine running on either a Dyno, race track or similar and under full load a

vacuum should be present at all rpm.


Every engine varies, and as such it is vital to monitor the crankcase pressure in your

particular engine before attempting to blank the breather, if the crankcase pressure

is positive then the breather should under no circumstance be blanked or damage

will occur!


This is the responsibility of the customer, if you do not have the necessary

equipment to carry out this task, then we recommend the engine is left

breathing to the drysump tank, which in turn breathes through the catch tank

to atmosphere."


Hope this helps?





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As posted by Gasman from the SBD website, unless you definitely have a vacuum you must run a breather, even if you do have a vacuum the benefits vrs the risks are minimal so best avoided to be honest.


You still need to run the breather out of the usual Suzuki spot in addition to the vent on the dry sump tank *thumbup* *thumbup*


Just been through all this on my Radical Busa drysump installation & two races yesterday all worked like a dream *thumbup*

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Even if you do have a Vacumm now, you may not have after some wear takes place on the engine.


Having taken advice from various experienced engine people the benefits don't outway the risks *rolleyes*

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I think the best solution is going to be a reed valve linked from the breather on the engine to the breather on the dry sump tank. That way I get the vacuum advantage if available and also allow the escape of any positive pressure accumulation in the engine.


Jason - have you any idea if I can retro fit the 08 one to an older engine? I can then get one from the local suzuki garage and bodge it in myself.





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Mine goes to the catch tank but my breather has reads on it which is only on the 2008/9 engines


Neat idea . .. just wonder why they bothered for a wet sump stock motor *confused* Guess it's some kind of emissions thingy . . . i.e. vapours only come out when the pressure increases rather than leaking out all the time...


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