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SS kit for 1400 K EU3


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Well Ill assist by getting off the fence - I think the cams will be OK, but I think any problems will most likely be with the ECU. The Supersport ECU, as you know, will be reprogrammed for higher rev limit & change up light, but the ECU would have to be capable of commanding the ignition coil packs of the EU3 engine and coping with the different cams.


I doubt that an EU2 compatible Supersport ECU would be able to work with an EU3 engine with coil packs. The alternative would be too use Supersport cams or Piper equivalent with an Emerald. I guess it comes down to the vintage of the Supersport kit & whether its programmed for an EU3 engine.

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I had the supersport fitted to a 1.6 k last year at Caterham Midlands, I recently had my car ported via oilyhands he told me that the supersport cams supplied by CC are weak and he recomended a better (i think piper) set. might be worth talking to Oily.


Just my half penny worth,




In a purple haze

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The 1400 responds very well to a cam upgrade irrespective of the ECU modifications, IMHO the rev limit of the SS engine is too high. A pair of BP270 cams, *correctly timed* will give a very worthwhile power boost running on the stock ECU with a sensible rev limit.



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