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Replacing headlights


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Hoping to replace big headlights with little headlights... is it easy 🤔


I'm guessing it something like nose cone off, pull apart some connectors, pull the wires through the tubes (old ones out, new ones in) and connect it all back up again.... 🤔 🤔 Any gotcha's I need to be aware of 🤔


You can tell I haven't built one can't you *biggrin* Learning, slowly...


Many thanks




Seven of MINE - V378 KKN, 1.8k 140.

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I changed my headlights to the smaller one's, car looks fab, got mine from SVC near Tamworth excellent quailty & you can have the bulbs upgraded for a few pounds.


Wiring very straight forward, just make sure you get a good earth and you wont go far wrong !





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I too went the www.s-v-c.co.uk route. IMHO they suit the car much better. Whenever I see a car with the std lights now it looks really bug eyed and horrid. Steve (IIRC) at SVC's is really helpful too. Give him a call.



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  • Support Team

I had a couple of issues when fitting my SVC lights.

1) the wires were a bit on the short side and the connector is hard up against the end of the headlight mount. Not a massive problem but made things more difficult than they needed to be.

2) when tightening the large nut underneath I couldn't get it tight enough - turned out that there is a metal "tang" inside the headlight that stops the threaded section from moving except in my case it had bent and wasn't doing it's job. Be careful when putting it together!

Top tip: make sure the mounting tubes are on the car before putting the connector back on - guess who didn't? 😳


Yellow SL *cool* #32

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main aspect depends upon what connectors you have at the moment, if it's the later mounting blocks then you should be able to remove the pins from the old connector block and insert the pins on the end of the new block.


If it's an older setup with bullet type connectors, as was the case for me, then I decided to ditch the bullets and use some nice mounting blocks and connectors from VWP


Kevin Thomas

The 7 Gallery... with added BBCi


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