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GPS to check Speedo accuracy


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I have the feeling that my speedo over-reads by a fair margin at higher speeds. I know that in a 30mph limit with one of those signs that comes on if you exceed the limit I can go past at an indicated 32-33mph. That's fine by me. In a 40 with the same type of sign I'm reading about 43mph before setting off the signs.


However at an indicated 70mph it feels an awful lot slower when in a seven I would usually expect it to feel faster than in a quiet tin top.


So I would ideally like to do some sort of on road speed check (without involving the BiB or one of Mr Gatso's finest).


I have no experience of GPS thingummybobs but presume this would be the best tool to do the check. If this is the case is there anyone in the West West Sussex/East Hants area that could lend me such a device or come out for a ride in my seven (carefully phrased *eek*) with me.



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Steve..If your around Haslemere at some time you are welcome to take my Road Angel for a blat (if you have cig lighter socket to plug it into)


I was suprised how much my speedo over read in 7 and tin top.




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Hi Steve,


As above, looks like I'm sorted with using Duncan's GPS. Feel free to pop over though. Would be good to be able to get out for a blat with you and James sometime.


I presume you've used the splitter successfully?



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