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Misfire when cornering - any ideas?

Chris Brain

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My car has a misfire when cornering hard to the right.


Hard to the left, accelerating in a straight line - no problem. It makes no difference if the fuel tank is full or half empty, if th engine is under load or at constant revs or even what revs its at.


The car is running an 1800 Zetec with webber alpha ignition and DCOE 40s. It was rolling roaded less than 500 miles ago and had new plugs and leads.


Anyone had a similar problem or ideas what the problem could be?



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Sound odd it would be electrical unless centrifugal force one way was causing a bad connection.

Check the carb floats. It for some reason the level is low and they are sitcking you can quite quickly run out of fuel.

Any carbed car (side draught) cornering hard left (I am sure it was left that my previous 7 did this on going round and round) will run out of fuel.

Anyone who's done the Brooklands or Dunsfold skidpan with carbs willhve experienced this.


Hants (North) and Berkshire Area club site here

My racing info site





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I had exactly this problem, and it was the carburettor float levels, however after a lot of faffing I still couldn’t get the thing to corner without stuttering and so took it to James Whiting who sorted the problem for me.

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