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BEC - Translogic QS6 Quickshifter


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Quickshifter Basic


Quickshifter with all the toys


Basic quickshifter system for general road or race use as well as motocross and supermoto, gear lever mounted quickshifting for clutchless upshifts and without rolling off the throttle (substantially reduced lap times due to less chassis stress and less suspension movement during each gearshift, maintains constant drive as well as facilitating much faster gearshifts) and internal battery for ease of installation.


Anyone got an info on these? ease of installation? practicality of use?




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Graeme Finlayson has a bike engine set up, which therefore removes the locational problems of connecting to the linkage with a stanadard set up gear lever.


You might want to consider a strain gauge as a less expensive start to such a project.



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Bear in mind you will feck up your gearbox in no time if it doesn't work properly and hacking wires into coil wires can very easily cause complications with ECU signals......I'm so concerned about this with my installation that I am not going to use one at all until I'm happy that it will work properly. There are more issues with my car than most but I'm convinced that (for my car) only a system that is wired into the ECU will guarantee that it works properly.


Suffering serious sprint cold-turkey. Must get this finished *smile*

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that (for my car) only a system that is wired into the ECU will guarantee that it works properly


Sorry, was nosing about for quickshift info.


Sure you know this already Adam, but DynoJet do a Quickshifter sensor for their PowerCommander USB. It plugs directing into the Powercommander, and is controlled by the same software. You can vary the cut time (Dynojet recommended adjusting the standard setting for a BEC to 150ms) etc


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