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Changeable Number Plate - Does one Exist

Jenson Button

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Can anyone tell me if there is such a thing as a blank number plate which is magnetic or similar that comes with a set of letters and numbers to make up a plate yet change it also?


I have a trailer that will be towed by various cars so it is not practical to make up a number plate every time. Surely someone's thought of this and has come up with a better solution than the piece of cardboard 😳 I'm using at the moment?



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Fridge magnets is exactly what I was thinking 😬 The difficulty is getting the yellow number plate made of metal! I seem to remember watching Jaws years ago and I'm sure when they caught the first shark and cut it open it had eaten a metal number plate! They don't seem to make them like that anymore ☹️ 😬 😬
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A friend's final year project at Uni was just such a device - aimed at Artic trailers which are often pulled by different tractor units.


Worked like old bus destination labels - each character position on the plate was on a spool, and you wound it to the correct position.


I believe it was not technically legal, but it was a while ago now. Bet he's still got his prototype kicking around though!




See some pictures of the build here. 5000 miles completed!

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You could get your local vinyl signs people to make the figures on magnetic material like as what van signs are made from and then get a sticky back to go on a steel plate. You would need a loy of figures though or just get a plain black magnetic sheet and cut you own.

All of the above are illegal but you have to get caught first!! *thumbup*


its only a game.........



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The old metal number plates were aluminium (or aluminum as Jaws was an American film...) so fridge magnets may struggle.


LCD number plates are definetly the way forward, so much more hi tech than the old James Bond revolving one. Sure it won't be long.....

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