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CR500s delaminating

alan c smith

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Hi Alan.

I have CR500s of this sort of age and mileage and haven't had any delamination occur. I don't want to be alarmist but I would't consider it a normal occurance in a tyre.


I'm sure you'll get several useful responses on here but it may also be worth contacting Avon Racing division directly - they've always seemed extremely helpful in the past and it might give you more ammo to go back to Caterham with, should you need to.


Their details are:


Avon Tyres Racing

Bath Road


Wiltshire SN12 8AA

01225 703101


or email: avonracing@coopertire.com


All the best,


Darren E

K80RUM Superlight R #54




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Is it delaminating in a strip across the tyre? If so, this is where the tread overlaps where it's put on. If you've fitted the tyre so "rotational direction" is correct, hard braking can open this seal up - racers put CR500 on backwards at the front to prevent this happening, i.e. hard braking seals the join. (On the rear the major force is acceleration - which again seals the join is the tyres are fitted as recommended).
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Mark, did Avon confirm that your Son's tyre failure was due to delamination? It looks to me very much as if it's had an impact a the point on the rim where there are 2 little marks, and the tread itself had stayed entirely intact apart from the cuts across it (which are fairly common on avons).
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Graeme, CC told me about reversing the front tyres but said this should only be done with later versions of my tyres and not mine or earlier versions.


Mark, just had a look at the cuts on your sons tyre. They look very similar to mine.


Stuart, are you saying that these cuts are acceptable? CC told me they were.





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We see it from time to time, although with the latest CR500's it tends to be diagonal lines. They tend to do it quite quickly and then never get any worse - Avon tell us it's not a problem, and laptimes and lifespan confirm this.


The only time I've seen proper delamination is with running wets or really soft slicks too hard in the dry, or once when we did some tyre testing for another manufacturer. It looks much worse than that, and is very obviously wrong.

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