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exhaust advice and tyres.

daniel smith

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The exhaust on my hpc 2.0 Car is very heavy. Does anyone know if there is any reason why I should not modify a carbon motorbike can/silencer to fit my car. Is there any downsides?


Does anyone know if I can get Yoko 032 (for 8" 5 spoke wheels) in size 215 x 60 x 13 or 205 x 60 x 13 which safely fit the 8" rear wheels.



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I think you'll struggle to find any A032's now...


The bike can thing is really about how loud you want your exhaust. I have a Westfield Megablade and am ditching the bike silencer to put a Raceline whopper on there. It'll weigh more and cost me a fortune but it's the only way to get efficient silencing. The Honda/Yamaha OE systems are very restrictive - which is why all the bikers fit race cans.

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apparantley 032's are back, they fit 8.5 or 8" rears in 205 60 13 section. My hpc has an SBD titanium can with is a lot lighter then the standard trum one, although modifications were required to collector as it is a2.75" bore, sounds good, gives about 98dB9 recorded at combe. *thumbup*, so depends how load you can go.
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