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Limited Slip Diff


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Improved traction out of low speed corners, prevents the inside wheel spinning up. Also you can do doughnuts 😬


On the downside it can make the handling a little more lively I've found (bumping country roads). It also will make the car power slide/oversteer out of roundabouts very easily so you shouldn't just plant it!! It can also make the car a bit unpredictable in the wet, wet manhole covers will make the car slide.


I'd say its a good thing for the track and overall a slight negative for the road.



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i run with one on the road and yes it will step out coming out of junctions when you give too much welly but it does it so predictably you have the lock dialed on instantly.


After driving a car without it on track it was always spinning the inside wheel and wasn't as much fun.


So if you can afford it go for it


Sod the heater wheres my shades

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My ZF plate type LSD (modified by Road & Race) is currently very quiet (at least as quiet as the old open diff) and is a great improvement on the road - much much better grip. I swapped diffs with one of the ex-Roadsport A guys + cash.


However, I have Avon ZV1 pile-ups on which make break-away very predictable in my experience, I imagine grippier tyres are likely to let go at much higher speeds and therefore be harder to catch.

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