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DVA Power - Vernier setting results


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Once again, Dave has worked his magic. I went to have some verniers fitted and timed pre my re-map next Tuesday. Well, what can I say that hasn't already been said. I'm so peased with the service that Dave provides. The pre and post vernier settings are below for you to see. Amazing how badly timed the CC fitted verniers were. Not only did Dave fit the verniers, but he also set about my car and did a leek down test, balanced the throttle bodies and adjusted the idle speed.


To top it all, Dave even emailed me all the following info.........


Just a note to confirm the cam timing details from this evening.


As the car arrived the cam timing was..


Inlet cam

Lift at TDC .022" (22 thou) lobe centre/full lift at 122 Degrees ATDC


Exhaust cam

Lift at TDC .072" (72 thou) lobe centre/full lift at 105 degrees BTDC


We set them to


Inlet cam

Lift at TDC .070" (70 thou) lobe centre/full lift at 106 degrees ATDC


Exhaust cam

Lift at TDC .055" (55 thou) lobe centre/full lift at 110 degrees BTDC


Acdcording to my calculations the inlet cam was 16 degrees retarded (more than one whole tooth) and the exhaust cam was 5 degrees retarded (around one third of a tooth).


Your compression readings were


Cylinder 1 17.3 bar

Cylinder 2 16.1 bar

Cylinder 3 17.4 bar

Cylinder 4 17.5 bar


These are within the stated maximum for variance (8.6% against a maximum of 10%)


Throttle body balance as arrived was


Cylinder 1 5 CFM

Cylinder 2 5.1 CFM

Cylinder 3 4.1 CFM

Cylinder 4 4.3 CFM


As corrected


Cylinder 1 5.1 CFM

Cylinder 2 5.15 CFM

Cylinder 3 5 CFM

Cylinder 4 5.15 CFM



The results are astonishing. The car drives SO much better, it really barks and pulls through the entire rev range. When I was near home and on familiar roads, I could really feel the difference in throttle response and low down grunt. No more is my car asthmatic, it literally roars through the power band to the red line. The idel speed adjustment has transformed it's beaviour at standstill, no more rattles or lumpy tick over, no more layshaft rattle, just nice thrumming engine, it's never sounded better.


Fantastic service from a top bloke. Thanks Dave, I'm well chuffed 😬



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Have you noticed any improvement on fuel economy, i'm sure my timing is also out

cars running rich, only returning around 17 a gallon normal driving and 12 on trackdays,

i've got some verniers ordered so hopefully will also see an improvement *thumbup*


wot another package!

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my mpg is shocking and always has been. I have not made any effort to record mpg since the verniers were fitted. I think on the drive home from DVA, I covered 90 miles with 18 litres of petrol. I think this is about 22mpg (all motorway as well).

But I have a remap session booked with Steve Greenald on Tuesday, so this will no doubt improve both engnine performance and overall mpg (which is an added bonus).



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