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Stack or Data logging


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I have the Stack dash and would like to do a bit of track data logging to see where I can pick up a few *tongue* thousands of a second on my times.

Is it worth getting the Stack upgrade or would it be better-cheaper to get a stand-alone system.

Has anyone got any experience with data-logging systems. I am not looking for anything flash, but would like to be able to download to a PC, lap times, corner speeds, g-force etc. The cheaper I can do this the better.


Duratec Se7en SV, built in Dubai, pics here! *cool*

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I had a Race Technology DL90 which worked very well, the later upgraded DL1 seems to be pretty impressive and not too expensive.


The software is free to download from their website and I can send you some sample data to play with if it helps. Although I think they do include some data.


Rob G



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Rob. I had a look at the DL1, looks pretty comprehensive & nicely built. I also had a look on ebay and they had some DL90's for £250, which seems pretty good value. I wonder how much difference there is between the performance of the DL1 & DL90, from what I can see the big diff is the GPS sampling rate of 1Hz & 5Hz. I will probably not need the other functionality of the DL1.


Mav, presuming I am not mistaken in that the ST500 is a tachometer with timer, I already have a full stack dash, so it would be of no use to me. If it is the timing module only, that would be different.


Duratec Se7en SV, built in Dubai, pics here! *cool*

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