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Cheap upgrade for supersprint xflow

Graham Sewell

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I know an awful lot has been said to the detriment of Aldon and their distributors, but I happened to have a spare dizzy which I sent back to them to have the advance curve recalibrated. Following advice from Roger King and Dave Andrews, I decided on the following spec:


14' advance at idle (900rpm)

advance starts ramp up by 1500rpm

34' advnace achieved by 4500rpm


Discussing this with the engineer at Aldon, we decided to start the advance ramp at 1000rpm (immediately off idle) - so I sent off the dizzy and two weeks later fitted it together with a shiny new Lucas DLB105 sport coil.


So far - with only 5 miles on the system I can only give impressions, but the fact that I got the tail out on a dry roundabout in second gear at around 2500rpm indicates that there is masses more torque/power in the mid-range than before 😬


The dizzy mods cost a grand total of £60 inc VAT and P&P and the coil was £25 from Halfords (took Phil at Winnersh some time to track down as you can imagine it is not one of their normal parts).


So, without detracting from Bill's 3D mapping project, if you fancy staying traditional and getting a significant improvement in performance, then give Rob a call at Aldon. You will need to specify what the engine spec is and what fuel you wish to run and any other mods. Mine was 1700 Supersprint with Vulcan Maxiflow 2 head running on standard unleaded.


The only annoying thing is that Caterham did not do this in the first place but went with an ultra-conservative advance curve - which I have used for 9 years ☹️


Low tech luddite - xflow and proud!


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I'd also be interested in your opinion of how the Maxiflow 2 UL head compares with the standard Superpsrint head (apart from being unleaded, of course!)


I think I'll now send my distributor off to Aldon in the winter - I've read the past threads on this subject - and your comments suggest it does make quite a difference in the mid range - I had previously thought it was more something you would notice only at the top end.



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I tried this, to the same specs - well worth it, you do notice the difference through the rev range, from mid to top end


RK used to say it was worth 8-10 bhp and it certainly seems it - has to be one of the best upgrades in terms of bhp/£!


Service from Aldon was excellent as well - I took it off on Monday, replaced it on Thursday


Another essential mod for those crossflows with 'unleaded' distributors *thumbup*


Shame it didnt come with this setting in the 1st place ...

Measuring beforehand it was only getting a little over 20degrees advance !

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The advance curve is not so much concerned with an "unleaded" head as that is just replacing the valve seats. It depends on the fuel that you are using - and to some extent the state of tune of the engine. It is worth discussing your requirements with Aldon, but if you are using unleaded with a lead replacement then the octane rating is likely to be the same as unleaded and hence the same ignition curve.
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Recently swapped my Aldon Lucas Distributor for a later Ford 'Valencia' Bosch one with modified advance curve and the ignitor built in (my Lucas Amplifier died necessitating the change). These are available from OHV engined mk3 Escorts and mk2 Fiestas from the mid to late 80's I believe.


This has proved a fantastic upgrade, much smoother and seemingly with a fair bit more power, also has comapratively readily available rotor arms and caps and is of much nicer 'Bosch' quality.


I still have the old Aldon/Lucas one if anyone wants it (LRF contribution?) The rotor arm is probably useless, but I think the cap and distributor itself are probably ok (There is only one clip for the cap, the other side was hld on with a cable tie though).


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Sorry to jump on the thread but this seems to be a common question, how do aftermarket heads compare with the original Caterham supersprint head ? Is it worth changing the head for no other purpose than the unleaded conversion? Extra bhp always helpful !! Sorry if its a numpty question but is the Aldon distributor standard fitment. Anyone else tried New Cats replacement.

Sorry, too many questions, I must calm down.



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I have used one of the Valencia distributors in my 150 BHP Crossflow for about 5 years with good effect. The car came with the Lucas se-up but this was unreliable, hence the move to the Valencia Bosch type. I have now moved to a 3D setup which is even better but the Valencia type performed well… The gains you get from 3D are in driveability at lower RPM, out and out power remain the same.


It’s a direct replacement on the car and the wiring is really easy, just three wires. You can’t use a standard distributor from an Escort or Fiesta however as the advance curve is wrong and it also comes with a vacuum advance on the side (although this is no problem to leave on, it’s better to remove it and lock the base plate)


The advantage I see in using this distributor is that you get original manufactures reliability from the electronic ignition and its “fit and forget” All of the parts are easily available from Ford or motor factors if you do need spares. I see Burtons are now listing these in their catalogue at £235 exchange.


A point to bear in mind with these is if you have to take the ignition module off the side of the distributor you will see some white grease in the joint. This is a heat sink grease and its important to apply some more when it goes together. It’s available quite cheaply from Maplins or electronics suppliers.


If you do go down this route its important to remember to time the engine at say 4000 RPM rather than at tick over. That way you can ensure that the timing is correct (around 32 - 34 degrees on most Crossflows) at the higher RPM when all the advance is in (usually 3500 – 3700 RPM)


New Cat,


Glad the distributor worked well! I have another for sale if anyone is interested, mail me off line and I can send you some pictures.





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*arrowup*that was the stock answer I got from Aldon. *thumbdown* 🙆🏻


But, it was 4.55 pm........


I wanted the answer for tuning for SUL. - Interesting thread this, and goes to prove what I was already thinking.

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