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Front Shocks....


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I am trying to replace the front shock absorbers on a series 4 lotus 7 - 1972 - and i'm a bit...er.. shocked 😬 at the price....... £63.82 each plus post and vat from Redline.


Many people in the forum mention the reconditioning of shocks...


Can anyone give an opinion on reconditioning *confused* who does it, where & how much?


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Hmmm, yup, Spax.


Does this mean a full set should go on the car as opposed to just new front shocks?


Train of thought being... 30 year old spax at one end and up to date at the other end of the car could make for interesting manoeuvers - dodgy handling - I guess I just try it and see !

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£63.82+VAT a corner for 30 years


that's about 10 quid a year for a safety device... I'd definately change all of them!


(How much have you spent on oil changes and tyres?)



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I'm not convinced they'll fit either......My shocks are G620-S Thats a spax number, or A007C 4008, which is from Weal's book.


Just so you know, i have spent a total of zilch on oil n tyres, its a restoration job, i haven't had the pleasure of driving it yet *eek* thats still to come.


Think it's back to redline, but i'm sure its the right thing to do anyhow.


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You'd be okay to get them reconditioned if they have a screw top (otherwise they can't get the inards out!) but I don't think Spax of that vintage will so are not rebuildable anyway - I reckon it'll have to be new ones sadly...
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