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X-flow won't start when hot

YW Sin

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The starter is turning alright, just that it won't fire up.


Mine didn't used to do that before.


I suspect worn-out battery and when cooling fan is on, it may not have enough juice for ignition?



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If the starter moter is turning over okay then it's unlikely to be the battery. I don't think the ignition circuit should be affected by heat all of a sudden. You could check for a spark at the plugs by pulling off a lead and holding it near the plug tip when you try to start the engine.

Gloves or ? so you don't short-circuit your pace maker.


Ken Sailor

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I would'nt pump the throttle 12 times unless you want a nice big fire 😳

Keep the loud pedal fully depressed while cranking... it won't flood that way

unless you've already flooded it..... then you just have to wait and try again.


Antonella *smile*

1998 Caterham Classic

my site here

more photos here

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Prob of no interest ,but my old Hailwood Ducati developed a week cylinder when hot, poor starting ,kickback (fractured metatarsal), and I could not determine the cause. Even checked the resistance in the coils but NAD. eventually switched coil to other cylinder and the problem followed. The coil was going off and this (apparently) is brought to the fore when coil became hot (sits above cylinders). So.................good luck!
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