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Starter motor problems on x flow


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Once every 20 or so times my starter motor does not work, tends to click like the battery is flat (it isn't). If I give the car a shove it clears itself and is OK again.


ANy suggestions as to cause?


I am heading off on a long trip next week so wondered if it is easier just to change it for a new one?


Any idea of likely cost and wheres the best place to get one... motorfactors?


If I went to a motor factors what do you reckon the best car to tell them the motor is from? (i.e. they will never have heard of a Cat so if I ask for a starter motor for say a 1.3 Escort from around 96 vintage would that do the trick?)



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It's not your starter motor at fault. It's your solenoid.


Suggest you strip it down and clean it out. The tolerances (of the activator plunger in its barrel) are very close and, over time, general muck gets inside because there is a small air equaliser hole (to stop the plunger's being restricted by air suction due to the tight tolerances). This muck prevents the plunger from moving as far back when activated as it should so you hear the click of the solenoid gear's being engaged with the flywheel but there is not quite enough movement to close the contacts.


The main contacts within the solenoid, which provide power to the starter motor, also get pitted and generally gunged up as well (they carry about 300 amps). Depending on the design of the solenoid it may be possible to get to them to clean them too. (I'm not familiar with the Xflow version specifically). Some solenoids are pigs to get to these contacts, necessitating drilling out of rivets. The plunger clean out however is usually straightforward.




2003 1.8K SV 140hp see it here

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Chris W's advice is good. I had the same problem....turn keys and nothing, try again sometimes it would sometimes nada.

Everso easy to remove and strip. Makes you feel good about yourself afterwards...you know, like a real mechanic and everything *smile*


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