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My complete 200 bhp + 1600 K series engine

Jason Plato

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Due to a new project I looking to sell my complete engine , this will be sold as a complete unit pretty much ready to fit in a day . I could even help fit it for you . The engine has undergone extensive modification yet it has remained completly reliable and can happily tootle along at 30 mph in 6th and pull from 1500 rpm in 6th or wheelspin in 4th gear and set 116 mph through the speed trap at MIRA ( 10mph faster than anyone else ) . The engine realy is most suitable to both road and track .

I'm looking to release the engine in September .


Scholar block , modified with their EVO 2 conversion

Accralite pistons



Modified / flowed oil pump

Uprated steel pump gear

water pump

crank pulley

Caterham lightweight flywheel

R500 clutch

Genuine MS2 VHPD head , brand new for 2004 , not skimmed , covered




Telephone me for further details : 01633 893929 or M 07771 891947






Lotus 7 Club Speed Champion 2003 *eek*

South Wales Area Organiser *smile*

C7 TOP *tongue*

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Ahem - Griff and I did 111mph coming around that fast left hander on list 1A tyres, but it's still an excellent engine.


And my crossflow on 1a's came through at 107mph this year and 108 last year *smile*


There is a great opportunity for someone to get themselves a very nice engine though. I bet it sells pretty quick


Edited by - Graham Perry on 30 Jun 2004 10:29:52

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Yeah , fair enough Ken - I didnt relaise you guys did 111mph ..........


Good sales point tho - faster than a busha powered car and R400 😬


And if we are getting into mines bigger than yours - my car did 119 mph through the trap last year !!


Lotus 7 Club Speed Champion 2003 *eek*

South Wales Area Organiser *smile*

C7 TOP *tongue*


Edited by - Dave Jackson on 30 Jun 2004 10:31:26

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Dave, I spoke to you earlier, referance your engine and early release, my customer is happy to wait for September,so if you

can reserve for me. I will call you tomorrow to send a deposit.

Regards Paul Dangerfield.

01624 663516

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