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Emerald Cable oddity


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One for the archives:


The first I hooked my XP laptop up to the Emerald M3DK I consistently got the ECU - Not Connected message, despite COM1 and COM3 being free and the M3DK being powered up. After about half an hour of fruitless experimentation I concluded that the cable must be duff.


I opened up both sockets and compared them against the Emerald pinouts in the manual and sure enough, one of the sockets had been wired upside down. couple of minutes with the soldering iron and all was well and it worked a treat.


Emerald no doubt produce a quality product and have quality standards but this stuff is hand made on a small scale so I guess errors do creep in - If anyone else has a connection problem the first time they try to use their cable, try checking the cable first. Pinouts are shown from the CABLE point of view, which should be borne in mind.


Hope this is helpful to someone. *smile*


Darren E

K80RUM Superlight R #54




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