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Zzzzzipedee doo da!


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You could always buy that over-priced (and over-spent, if it's to be vaguely believed) green and black thing upstairs.... *wink* And then, before you drive off in it, just set light to the damn thing! *eek* That'd make it 'enigmatic'..... 😬 *thumbup*


Fish heads, fish heads, roly poly fish heads.....

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and even more fun it is local to you so you can drive it past the previous owner


as for a r500 don't forget about there engines needing regular rebuilds


so i'll be meeting you at my favorite tunnel soon 😳


Sod the heater wheres my shades

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You'll nae live long enough to drive again, you're doomed, doomed does ye hear me


Mr C will extract the price from your retched bones and cast the bits to the wolf (and Scooby if he ever turns up again). Mrs Miggins will get the left overs so thats a nice bit of re-cycling *wink*


No, you can't have one, there are all mine

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