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Installing a 7 grille - childs play?


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After 2 years of dreaming and saving I am on the verge of buying a se7en. It ticks just about all of the boxes on my wish list - except one. The 7 grille - it just doesn't look right without one. So just replace it, right?


The car is a 1991 Super Sprint and I'm a simpleton with a spanner. Is there anything I should know before tackling this?




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Not sure exactly when the nose cones changed profile, but I had an 1989 Caterham and you couldn't straight swap a 7 grille for the normal one as the 'prongs' that go into the nose on the non 7 grille were at 90 degress to the grille whereas on the 7 grille they were flat (if that makes sense)


Worth a check before you buy one is all I am suggesting and no doubt you could make it fit if necessary






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As the last Steve says there was a slight change on the nose cone around 1991 that effects the fitting of the Se7en Grille. However this it is not a big issue and just means it may take you about 5 mins longer and the the use of some pliers.


I put the grille on my car last year and the longest part of the job was waiting for the paint to dry as I sprayed mine to match the car.


Alan and his Yellow and Green BDR.


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Still not got around to fitting my seven grill having found some black rubber cement stuff holding the original one in place. Was this just the car builder being doubly cautious or do I need to get some more rubber cement to ensure it stays in place? Thanks
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