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Repaired Carbon Fibre Nose Cone

Ade Ray

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As those who attended a practice for Curborough last year may remember I knocked a fellow sevener's seven resulting in me putting a crack in the left hand leading edge of his carbon fibre nose cone.


I of course replaced the nosecone and I have recently taken possession of the broken nose. The repair was as folows:


The badge was carefully removed but the clips and bonnet strip were left. The original paint was carefully removed and the crack carefully re-set with an underside support of fibreglass tissue, cut to shape to keep it's use minimal with the resin impregnated with carbon to give it a black finish. The resin was squeezed through the crack and then sanded back with 1200 wet and dry. No filler was used. The nosecone has not been repainted but has been given a thin layer of laquer to protect it.


If people are interested then I will email some photographs of the nose and a close up of the repair.


£200 is the price.





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Arrgghhh, you'll hate me as this is a hijack for which I apologise in advance (and at the end).... How did you take the paint off the nose? I wish to do the same to mine but I want to ensure the finish is good enough to leave bare.


Sorry about that. £200 seems excellent value. Carry on there. As you were. *thumbup* *wink*


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Hi V7


In answer to your question I used a standard 'jelly' type paint remover doing small areas at a time and then rinsing off with plenty of cold water. It's a bit messy but the result was good. The only problem I found was that the original painting company must have keyed the surface before priming so If the company that painted your nose did the same it will not come out 'Factory Finish' that is why I opted to give the thin laquer coat - it is easy to remove if someone whants to paint it and you can matt it down if you want the 'I'm a hard racing driver' look.


Hi Chris


I'll have some photo's to you shortly.


Ade *smile*

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