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Set up of cycle wings


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Just noticed that on my recently acquired (hadn't the time to build this one myself) live axle Vx classic, that the outer edge of the nearside front cycle wing is very close to the wall of the tyre, i.e I cannot get my hand between the two. The offside one is fine.


While nothing is fouling I would like to adjust it if its simple and doesnt require replacing or redrilling the wing. I just cann't see how to do it. Is it to do with the way the front wheels have been set up?


Can anyone shed any light on this please. *confused*




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When I was fitting the cycle wings to my new SV I had to belabour the wing stays with a LARGE piece of wood and a LARGE rubber 'ammer in order to position the wings centrally over the tyres. The stays are a bit springy, but persistance does pay off.


You may find that bashing the side part bends the top part too, so it's a combination of whacking the side and then bending the top so that it remains parallel to the tyre tread - I used the stem out of an axle stand, suitably padded of course.


Do I need to mention that it might be best to remove the cycle wings before the bashing begins?



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