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R500 for sale

Richard Ince

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Factory built Caterham R500, April 2000 in Yellow.

Minister upgraded engine to R101 spec with 7.25 inch Quartermaster Clutch.

JCC Centurian Challenge championship winning car in 2001.

First Class 5 at Curborough Spring 2002.

Maintained to a high specification. Zero miles since a Winter overhaul including Gearbox rebuild by Road & Race and full respray.

Full Cage, Carbon Airbox, Large radiator and fan, oil swirl pot.

Plumbed in extinguisher, 56 litre fuel tank, new spec De Dion.

Why spend thousands upgrading a car when I already have the ultimate R500 for sale at £25,500

Stack Datalogging currently installed can be purchased for an additional £1500

Phone Richard Ince 07836 266076.

Or Email rince@b-m-s.co.uk


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Just build a bigger garage richard *smile* You can stack cars two high especially sevens, see the bottom of the page here for how to pack a garage *biggrin*


One car garage and no spare money - double bummer




See willfly.net for more info.

If you don't spin you ain't trying *smile*

Happiness is knowing you have just a tad too much power *wink*


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what would a data logger do for me on my Stack? (apart from the obious log data), does it interact with the ECU?, is it purely for recording track performance, presumably laptop inerface, how much are they new for Stack
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This is one truely fantastic car, especially sideways through Coram in the wet *thumbup* *thumbup* *thumbup* 😬 😬 😬 😬


Can anyone help me out with £25K *confused* *confused*


Edited by - Nifty on 7 May 2003 21:17:52

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No probs - drop me the email address and I will get some pictures off.


Can second Nifty's impressions of the car. I can only describe the way it was driven around a wet Snetterton as balletic (is that a word?!) By that I mean it was so perfectly balanced, felt so planted and controlable - and so bloody quick ! Oh for £25 k spare......


😬41,000 miles in 21 months! *cool* *thumbup*


Caterham pics


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I would sell without the engine if somebody else wanted to buy the R101 spec engine at the same time. I already have somebody wanting the Stack system. However it would be a shame to split as this must be one of the best equiped R500's. I would think that Caterham would ask 28-29K for this car.
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