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Pops, bangs, Webers & revs

Mikey UC

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There was a time not so long ago that I had my Webers set up pretty much to my likings, however since then I have fiddled…

Previously when I lifted off the accelerator the car made oodles of lovely popping and banging noises and the revs dropped away quickly.

Post fiddle however the engine now feels smoother, the fuel economy has increased (I made it from Bath to Reading on half a tank) but there are no pops / bangs and the revs take longer drop when lifting off (before some corners I was able to just lift off to reduce speed, now I have to break).


I have checked the throttle return spring and this seems to snap shut as well as it ever did. Can altering the idle mixture and/or carburettor balance have an effect on revs not dropping, and where have my pops and bangs gone? – No self respecting x-flow should be without them.


Thanks for any help



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I've just had a dry sump kit fitted to my x-flow. The carbs had to come off to do this. (Twin 45 Webers)


Took it out at the week-end, and yes, it pulls better from low revs, idle's nicely, but its stopped popping and banging on the over-run ☹️


I would also like to know what has affected this. I really miss driving it at night, and lighting the dry stone walls up with fire as I pop and bang my way down the country lanes.






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