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Appolo tank platforms

Pierre Gillet

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Despite a search on the technical forum and the reading the excellent article of John Wine in Low Flying, I am puzzled by the way the appolo tank is attacched to the chassis. I have received an ali bracket with 4 rivet holes and a big hole in the middle in which the bottom of the tank will be nested. The upper platform as sent by Caterham seems to be 2 short brackets (with curved end to match the chassis tube) with no hole, and two large jubilee clips .

Am I right?

Anyone got photos of the platforms in situ please as I cannot see anything on the Caterham photos.




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The small curved bracket fits to the top chassis X member - you need to drill the brackt and Xmember and rivet it in place. the Jubilee clip then goes round the apollo and the new bracket to be held in place.


I can get a pic this evening if you need it.





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Thanks guys *thumbup*

Very helpful. Pics would be helfful if you already have them. otherwise do not bother.

Bonjour Paulo, I figure that your Seven is LHD so your set up would be specially helful.

Several questions though:

- I figure that I only need one bracket at the top, the second one sent by caterham being just a spare. Right?

- It seems that for my LHD installation the hoses do not have to go through the alt belt. I hope I am right, and if so it is a good point.

- In addition to the braided hose going to the cam cover, Caterham sent me a front brake hose. 🤔

- The electric wire and the toggle switch are missing, but I had already installed an oil temp. measurement on the oil filter mount so that I do not really need them...and a brake hose can be useful.




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You will find that when tightened around the top bracket vibration causes the jubilee clip to slide down and off the bracket. I suggest before riveting it to the chassis you make a small bend at the bottom of the bracket outwards to prevent the jubilee clip sliding off. Also I would suggest putting a piece of soft packing around the edge of the jubilee clip.


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Try the bottom plate in several orientations approximately where the Apollo tank will sit and you will find one where the pre-drilled holes (I think they were pre-drilled from memory) co-incide with chassis tubes, or the angles of the plate match the angles of the tube. Mark the position of the holes and drill the chassis tubes and pop rivet the plate to them.


I hope that makes sense - I shouldn't try to get technical when tired!



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