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suspension upgrade

Marc Newson

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Can anyone suggest an upgrade from the existing spec. Car is used for road and some sprinting. 2ltr Zetec engine.


Front spec - standard Bilsteins (inverted), 150lbs springs, narrow track, 19mm ARB, camber -1 deg, castor 2 deg, lower wishbones parallel


Rear spec - standard Bilsteins, 100lbs springs (linear), 0.5 inch ARB, camber -1.5 deg, ride height 10mm higher than front.


Thanks in advance.





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Your springs are very soft for a car that goes anywhere near a track - typical values are 250-300lb fronts and 175-200lb rears. You will have to fit the Caterham adjustable platform kit if you plan to use aftermarket springs with the std Bilsteins (which are a good quality, long lasting damper).

You might find that the 19mm bar is a bit stiff (especially with harder springs), the 18mm item being a more usual fitment.

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Marc, just put widetrack on my 1992 2L vx, with freestyle avo shocks & springs, red(think 18mm) front anti roll bar,without looking at what i wrote on the garage wall, think set up was 140mm front, 155mm rear, started at 3 deg neg castor, 1-20 neg camber, 20 min toe in,car needs raising slightly for the road(sleeping bobbies) 😳 i have wet sump, the car was transformed in the handling, roadholding dept. 😬. FWIW the previous set up was factory supply, billies,green roll bar narrow track,ps running 021R's on 13 rims,
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On my narrow track Xflow I've recently changed to 300lbs springs on the front and I think 140lb on the back still with the Bilsteins and the turn in and handling has improved drastically from the springs supplied with the dampers by caterham.


Ride is slightly firmer on the road but far more predictable on the track, worth the change *cool*




*confused* Competition Secretary *confused*

*cool* Lydden, Curborough, MIRA, Llandow, Loton Park, Curborough, Aintree...What more can you ask for? *cool*


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