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Sump foam


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Well after the comments about sump foam I thought I would change mine as it has done 50K miles so all the bolts in the sump come out except one of the countersunk ones near the bell housing which has seized, and soon had no allen head.



Well four hours later I had managed the drill the little bugger out, one of the problems was getting the car high enough to get the drill underneath, I eventually hung the front of the car from the garage roof.


Oh and the hardened steel bolt seemed to make light work of my drills.


Finally got it out and changed the foam which was incidentally as good condition as the day it was put in, and all back together.


What a complete bloody waste of time!


The annoying thing was that I ran without those two bolts for years with no oil leaks but eventually thought I ought to put them in, wish I haddent bothered now!




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Just had mine changed at REDLINE *thumbup* *thumbup* *thumbup* *thumbup* *thumbup*


The old one had done 25,000, and looked ok to me.

Its just good to know that it has been replaced, I wonder how long it takes them to start to fail . 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔




Su77on Se7ens

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Bugger...... I aint done it yet

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I think it depends on who you talk to *confused*


I have just changed mine after 5yrs and 11,000 miles to find it in perfect condition . However, I like piece of mind where the engine is concerned but would think every year is a bit excessive, that is unless your doing exceptional high mileage.


I will probably fit the Pace dry sump kit before the next change is due as the total lack of baffling in the sump was a bit of a surprise. I already have an Apollo and Laminova so its the only way to go *thumbup*


Mark D

Su77on Se7ens *cool*

Looking for New Ears

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I changed mine this winter ( 1999 VVC) after 6,500 miles following an earlier thread where there was divergence of opinion. *confused* The old sump sponge proved to be in good condition showing no sign of brittleness. [The car had its first 750 miles on Castrol GTX and then has been on Mobil 1 (changed yearly) ever since.]


When I asked Caterham about frequency of change, they said every 12,000 miles. I would suggest that the bloke from spares dept who suggested every year was taling out of his 🙆🏻


There are some very interesting posts on previous threads, it is worth a trawl through the archives. There is one theory going round that I give some merit too is that exposure to different oils accelerates brittleness and subsequent disintegration.







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