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Clutch Friction Plate Alignment Tool


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Bit of an urgent one this as I am at work at the moment and need to borrow the above named tool for this weekend (my engine's back)!!from my dealer colleague next door but I need to know the correct size of the gearbox shaft and I think also the number of splines. Car is 1989 DeDion SuperSprint(xflow) which has the Type 9 'box? Anyone got this size anywhere handy? Long shot, I know!!


Many Thanks, Brian

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take a rod of any size, a biro will do, then wrap masking tape around it until it is a tight fit in the crank, then wrap more tape round a section in line with the clutch splines until it is the dia of the splines, and hey presto and instant clutch alignment tool


Iit may not be perfect but is plenty good enough to allow mating of the engine and gearbox,


and probably more accurate than some of the tools available from local motor factors


be carefull not to damage the bush in the crank, as you mate the two, even when using proper tool



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Hope you are using a standard clutch... the suggestions already offered I suggest will not work if have a multiplate clutch. Best suggestion in that case is to go the the scrap yard and get the shaft of a junked g/box.


What is you location - I'm sure there is a Sevener nearby who could help



Deliveries by Saffron, *thumbup* the yellow 222bhp Sausage delivery machine

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Brian, be carefull indeed if it´s a multiple-plate-clutch. I bent my brandnew clutch discs worth 160 quid by trying not to use the alignment tool... ☹️


If it´s a single plate clutch you normaly really do not need an alignment tool.




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