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02 1.6K for sale £13250


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I am putting my 7 up for grabs early. I unfortunately or is that fortunately need a SV, or the other option is to cut 3 inches off my height. At my age I should be growing smaller ;o))).



Registered & SVA'd 2002

Metallic Silver with black cycle wings, black rr wings & black nose band.

SPC semi helical close ratio 5 speed

SPC 4.1 diff (live axle).

13" 3 piece Ultralites with black centres


S type leather seats

Bilsteins all round with uprated frt antiroll bar

Full weather gear

Luke harnesses

Starter button

as superlite - no spare wheel carrier.

Black pack (less screen which is brushed aluminum)

Racetech steering wheel



this is where things get abit complicated. The car currently runs 1.6K EU3, VHPD 45 TBs, 633 cams, vernier pulleys, lightened and balanced flywheel/clutch assembly, comp 4-1 exhaust and emerald M3DK c. 170bhp.


The M3DK, comp exhaust & TBs are not included in the price as I will use these on the SV. I plan to leave the cams and verniers in. I will revert to the original inlet plenum on std 1.6 ECU. That means all you need is to fit an EU3 supersport ECU to liberate c. 135-140bhp. If someone wants to leave on the comp exhaust I am sure it can be arranged.


The car currently has 450 miles. I am taking the car on LTL'03. As such I am afraid it won't be available until after the tour - 20th May. I estimate it will have 1500 miles by then.


The car is lavished upon by my tender love and care. If it doesn't rain on LTL it will never have been driven in the wet - sad really.


Please form an orderly cue for this bargain.


Pictures can be emailed to all whom request.


Tim (07801 364976).





1.6K this week

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Looks interesting just a couple of queries. Do I take it you built the car and then found you didn't fit? This must have been a bit of a shock after you've clearly spent a fair bit of time and cash on it. I notice the reference to live axle - what vintage was the kit this was built from?


I'm looking round for a 6 speeder, do you know how your 5 close ratios compare? Sorry to be thick but what do semi-helical gears bring to the party?





Inbetween 7's - anyone flogging a Superlight 🤔

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Yes I built it (its my 4th 7). I fit the very best but my plans are for more long distance touring in the future and after a long run I can feel abit stiff, if you pardon the expression.


'Semi helical' - the gear teeth have a bevelled edge - thus less whine than straight cut gears but slightly more whine than std road box helical gears. I can't remember the ratios off hand - see Steve Perks site. This is the best 5 speed 'sports road' box by a country mile.


Vintage?? - its 2002 - new starter kit supplied by Caterham.




1.6K this week

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Hi Timbo,


I noted from you post that the buyer may need an EU3. I am pretty sure that I have a spare with a matched immobilizer for a 1.6SS. They were taken out of my car as they did not light the change up light. If they are useful to someone then I am sure we can come to an arrangement.


The second point is that I was thinking of upgrading my exhaust to a competition one from a stainless single pipe jobby. So if you buyer does not want the 4 into 1, I might well be interested and could do a swap.



Cheers Rupe

Click here p21 to see pics of my 7 on a Sri Lankan beach *cool*

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your too kind sir.


I'll promise to drive the next one more - trip to USA maybe ;o)))))) After LTL'03 I'll have about 1500 miles on the clock - almost tiwce the total mileage of my last 2 se7ens put together.

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Message for Rupe,


Can you check if you still have the EU3 ?


If so I might be interested.


Can you e-mail me:gareth@johnsonfellows.co.uk




Tim, - following our conversation, I'll give this some thought and will be in touch.





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