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Gear issues!!

Rhys Mann

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Thanks for the ongoing support with the issues that i've be experiencing over the last few weeks!

The weird mileage issue has been sorted thanks to you guys, (adjusting sensor) so really appreciate it.

My main issue I have at the moment is with getting the car into gear!

She's not keen on going into reverse (grinding, will go after dipping the clutch a few times) and on occasion she won't go into any gear at all!! Once i've switched the car off, dipped the clutch a few times and managed to get her into first gear (with some force) she'll be ok again for a while as if nothing was ever wrong.

Any thoughts on what might be the issue?  Don't want to start changing the gear oil etc incase its the clutch or something worse! Any guidance appreciated

The gearbox is a Type 9 by the way



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Is the oil level OK?

Sometimes the gear lever itself seizes up - make sure the pivot and end are well lubricated - I use LM grease. You might have to lift the tunnel cover up to get to the level (held in with three bolts).

Check the adjustment / operation of the clutch cable - they can stretch.

They are the simple fixes - clutch wear or a problem inside the box are next!



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I think you have a Sigma?   If so, you'll have a hydraulic clutch.

Can you tell us the year, model and mileage?

A dragging clutch would produce those symptoms, but for a wide variety of reasons (in no particular order): 

Clutch pedal adjustment
Gearbox oil level low
Clutch master cylinder: leaky seals, low fluid level
Clutch slave cylinder: needs bleeding
Worn gear-lever saddle
Clutch internals - driven plate, pressure plate, diaphragm springs
Worn g/box internals, such as synchro rings

I would start by checking clutch pedal operation, followed by oil and fluid levels.   Next, with an assistant operating the clutch, observe the clutch fluid level in the master cylinder.  Does it rise and fall?  Are there any gurgling/splashing sounds?  Is the fluid clean or a nasty black colour (possibly with bits in it)?

If pumping the clutch pedal seems to help, try bleeding the clutch line


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A common problem with gear selection was the clutch release bearing wearing into the clutch pressure plate diaphram fingers try to get a borescpoe inspection  into the bell housing or may need to split engine and gearbox and inspect.

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Sounds like an adjustment issue on the clutch; if it's a standard hydraulic clutch, you shouldn't have more than 25mm pedal travel (measured at the top of the pedal) otherwise you risk blowing blowing the seals on the slave cylinder -  which is an engine out job to replace. If you don't have a clutch pedal stop then you need to fit one.

Cheers, Andrew


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Update - Have ordered a new master cylinder, will fit this week, have also topped ip the gear oil last night, when i opened her up she was low and have filled her up, she took 325ml to get it filled!  Will drive her today and let you know how I get on, hopefully its the fact that she was so low in gear oil that was the issue! 

Will also bleed the line increase tonight

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