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Super Sprint with zetec not starting

robert green

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Today was the first chance since October to get the car out. I charged the battery, and all seems well. Key to first position, fuel pump buzzes away happily, and when everything is ready I prime the carbs, turn the key, and all power disappears.

I have checked the connections to the battery, and also the earth to the block.  Next steps are to check the connections to the starter motor and solenoid I assume. Any other ideas so that I can check everything in turn logically to get to the bottom of this. Will my multimeter help me, and if so how?!


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This could be the same fault which got me, the switch isn't the most strongly made thing, and when you key it to the start position can over run the contacts, thus losing electrical power to the places it needs to be.

The back of the switch can be removed from the lock barrel assembly, The cables pass through a plastic cover which is a snap fit on the back of the barrel, prise this off, and the electrical switch can be accessed. 

If you place a suitable sized screwdriver blade in the hole where the shaft comes from the key end, you can get an idea if the switch is porked. Also worth connecting a multi meter to the terminals, check for volts.

Hope it doesn't get this industrial, it's a bit of an act too get in there under the dashboard.

If it is the switch they are widely available, fitted to many Brit cars over the years.


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Thanks for the replies. 
John, it is a agm sealed unit, so can't be that on this occasion. 
Barry, that is worth a try and not something I had considered. Thanks. 
Nigel, as above , but I hope not!!!!! 
I will confirm the cause when I get to the bottom of it. My biggest issue is getting time with the car, which is probably why I'm in this situation in the first place. Cars are better used! 

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Connecting up a noco booster pack tonight got it going, so it is just the battery. I must admit the ctek had led me to believe the battery was fine and holding charge, so a measuring the voltage is the only real way to be sure. GJT, do you have a link for your adaptor, or something similar? Thanks all.

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