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Good garage in Cornwall/Devon for a service


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Hi all, looking for some recommendations for a good garage to give my old Roadsport some TLC.

Previously I took it to James Whiting every year, but after a few years away from SW London and a bit of neglect am looking to get the car back out and loved again, so would like to take it somewhere that really knows there stuff with 7s for a full service.

We live in SE Cornwall, so ideally somewhere around here or over in Devon 

Thanks in advance!

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Caterhams are pretty basic cars , so any reputable Inde should be fine with it.

My Uncle owns a respected garage in Camborne... 'Glasson's' who are used to working on all types.

I'm not on commission! 

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I've used Tipton Garage near Ottery St Mary. Did the cam belt on my K series and I know a couple of other owners go there. They prepare and race their own cars not 7's though. May be a bit far for you though?

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