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Sigma Roadsport 125 - timing belt


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I feel sure that this question must have been posted before, but I never seem to have much luck with the search function.

 My Sigma-engined Roadsport 125 has only done 21,000 miles in 14 years since new, but has never had the timing belt replaced.  I realise that Ford say every 6 years (I think), but does that REALLY apply at such low mileages?

Opinions welcome...thanks!

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I haven't seen nearly as much about that as on K series engines.

But there are discussions of tensioners and water pumps... and how easy it is to DIY.

Full search of the archives:


PS: You're not alone with having problems searching. That URL above uses the best method that I know. It's discussed here:

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Thanks for your opinions everyone.  It's annoying for 'cherished car' owners like us that Ford themselves say that it can last 100k miles yet should be changed every 6 years (10k miles in my case), but I do get it.  It's now booked in to have the belt changed.

Next question: what about things like fuel lines, brake hoses, etc that Caterham also say are time-limited.  Worth replacing even if a service/MOT doesn't suggest they need it? 

I think I can guess what you'll say!


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This obviously only applies if you are getting a non Caterham specialist to do the belt, the Ford cam locking tool doesn't work as the cam timing is adjusted to take the 105hp engine up towards the claimed 125hp. Just worth mentioning it to any ordinary garage.

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