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Chipped heated screen - can I flip it?

Rich Goddard

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I've a small chip in the driver's half of my heated windscreen. Not in my line of sight but I'd prefer to take the glass out and flip it so it's on the passenger side. (And move the centre mirror back inside of course)

Never changed a screen before, is there any reason why I can't flip it? (Eg are the heat-trace connections polarity-sensitive?)

Thanks, Rich

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I did this to mine after a stone chip repair was visible and in my line of sight!

I took the simple approach, slackened off the stanchions, disconnected the heating wires, 6 screws out of the edges and flipped it. The lower seal just needed turning around too. No frame dis assembly or glass removal from frame needed!

Edited to correct poor memory - the glass needs to come out so the poppers stay on the right side on the screen!! 


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I don't think that I've ever seen that asked before!

There shouldn't be a problem with the electrics, but you'll need to run cables to the other side.

And I don't think that there'll be a problem with the glass in the frame. If you need to replace rather than reuse the gasket NB there have been problems with getting the right thickness.

But... why do you want to do this, and how about having the chip filled with the screen in place?


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Jonathan, thanks for heads-up on the gasket.

I did think about seeing if it could be filled. Problem is the damage is in 2 parts, each about 6-8mm dia about 5mm apart.  One of them has a definite small indent/hole in the outer surface, so could possibly be filled/repaired. But the other one has no such indent/hole - it's almost like the impact has caused an internal circular 'chip' or delamination, which I'd be surprised if it was fillable.  I might be wrong. Maybe I should seek advice of windscreen repairer first. 

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My poor memory - I did in conjunction with getting the ally frame black packed so did swap the glass around. There are posts in the archives of how to do it. Main thing is lube on the rubber seals - I generally use a mix of car shampoo and water in a spray bottle.

The element is simply a resistor so the wires dont need extending / re routing and confirm mine works with the tails from the glass connected to the opposite sides of the loom



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