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K series - Tightening Apollo sandwich plate


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Hi all

I started the car today for the first time since October and whilst checking for leaks, I found one. 

Oil is dripping from the union between the Apollo sandwich plate and the oil filter housing. It's the opposite side of the plate from the oil filter. I have attached a pic (hopefully). 


I was told about a leak there by a specialist a couple of years back and he said he had tightened it. He said when the oil filter is done up, over time the opposite side of the plate can become loose and cause a leak. 

I can't see how I would tighten this. There is an Allen headed bolt in a sunken housing close to and at a right angle to the offending union, but it appears tight and probably unrelated. 

Do I need to remove the oil  filter and if so, is the solution obvious when I do? I did investigate how to do this last time I changed the oil filter but couldn't figure it out. 

I can't did any specific references in searches. 

Any advice very welcome.  


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Dan, you need to remove the oil filter, then there's a large hex nut that's obvious in the centre of the housing. The housing mounts to the filter head in the same way that the filter did, it'll be very obvious whilst you're in there.

Check though that there's plenty of clearance around the hose unions, in the K-Series install there's usually a small amount ground off the block to gain more clearance, without the extra space leaks are common because the adapter won't sit completely square on the filter head.


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To conclude this, I used all the advice above, removed the sandwich plate and checked and tightened everything.

I took the first blat of the year this evening with no apparent leaks. Thanks to Stu, Paul, SM25T and John for the advice. It was slightly awkward to line up the plate and re-thread the hex nut (26mm socket needed for this). It took a few goes for me to be happy that the seal was evenly positioned. 

Think Automotive tech dept couldn't say which seal I needed but when I took it out it looked good so  cleaned it up and put it back. If anyone knows which one is required, it would be useful to know for the future, for all of us Apollo users. 

I did spot a minor gash in one of the oil hoses which run through the spinning alternator belt, where the belt had nicked it. I was able to re-position the hoses to run slightly more centrally through the belt. Still a hair raising position for them though! 

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