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Type 9 parts question.


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Hi, I'm trying to marry a K Series and a Type 9 gearbox.

I'm not great with part names so I'll post photos. But the part seems to be different to what is photographed on Caterham Parts website.

The shape fouls the bellhousing but also doesn't sit flush to the gearbox and leaves a minor gap.





Is it the wrong part, maybe I need an adapter?

Thank you for any guidance.

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Yes, that's the wrong nosecone.  Did it come with your FB purchase?

This is what the nosecone of my 6-speed looks like (on a Duratec R400 with concentric slave):


I don't know whether or not a K needs a different nosecone, but it would seem likely if you have a cable clutch with Ford clutch fork. 

I suggest you speak to Phil Stewart of Road & Race Transmissions.


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#9  Thinking more about this....

You'll need a front cover tube for the clutch release bearing to run on (as illustrated here).  Also, the input shaft would need to be the right length for mating with a K.   Phil will advise.

What's the provenance of your FB box?  


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F702F10C-D1CC-4B6C-8283-880EB03E6B31.thumb.jpeg.c1c02c23dc18960d65b9be4fcc697341.jpeg The previous owner was going to use it for racing, mainly hill climbs I think. But said they soon swapped for a different option set up. I researched the Caterham 6 speed, which I think is basically a Type 9 in different casing. But hadn't appreciated the Clutch Nose can be different. But all part of the fun of the build.

The previous owner said it would work with a K-Series. I may need more than the clutch nose at this rate. 

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