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Wide Angle Mirror

Stu Smith

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Hey Stuart.

I just bought one of these: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/233043577895

and I now sell the brackets for them here: https://uberniche.co.uk/momimo

hold on. you mean to attach TO the screen.... hmmm. I could probably do you something for the same price that would stick to the screen with VHB tape.

I suspect VHB might not be up to the job as you're going to want to twist the mirror at an angle which would likely mean the mount would struggle to sit flat on the screen.

DM me

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I'm also looking at options to install a wide angle Longacre type mirror to the windscreen.

I was watching a YouTube video by CaterhamJoe (Fish & Chip Run 2022), he has a screen mounted wide mirror.  He has replied to my question and advised that it is the Pitking wide view mirror from DemonTweeks, and some GoPro sticky mounts and GoPro "J-hook" mounts to attach it to the windscreen.

Hope this helps.


Then in another video (by AdamC3046), I spotted  CaterhamJoe's car which shows the mounts more clearly.




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I could probs design and 3D print some of those multimirror things, they look quite neat if you don't have a cage. it doesn't have the requirements of scale that injection moulding requires and I find this stuff fun. sourcing mirrors would be cheaper with a batch.....

Stuart, I think the J hooks will be fine, but my personal mirror is very canted off to the right so that it gets a mostly even spread. looking at the J hooks you're going to get much more of the left. if you can get short J Hooks and long, that might work.

here's mine (with a bright orange mount cos otherwise they're invisible....



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