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Bolt torque value needed


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FE264886-57DC-4258-9E54-15EE3A8C9585.thumb.jpeg.fe87294547091257adffb22f8f9309df.jpeg C0E28ACA-E005-4481-B3A1-A6CFE76C4612.thumb.jpeg.bb58063cabf101c554fbd5f6c1be182b.jpegThe spring washer for the steering arm bolt in the picture became splayed. It was suggested that it may have been over tightened at the factory. But I can't find a torque figure for it. It's not in the build manual. Can anyone help?

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Spring washers are there to help prevent the bolt backing out.  The "cut" in the opening of the washer allows water to get past and into the cylindrical section of the upright or what ever a bolt passes through, which can cause a rusty mess and make the bolt extraction harder.  A flat washer and a bit of low strength loctite should hopefully seal it.

Thats my 2 cents, did i spend it wisely?


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There's a fair bit of research does indeed question the value and effectiveness of split washers. 

This is what NASA say about them:

“The typical helical spring washer … serves as a spring while the bolt is being tightened. However, the washer is normally flat by the time the bolt is fully torqued. At this time it is equivalent to a solid flat washer, and its locking ability is nonexistent.In summary, a lockwasher of this type is useless for locking.”

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