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5.75” headlamp change of design


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Previously the headlamp securing screw was at the top. Now there are two at about 4 and 8 o'clock so they don't match if you replace one. Also, the screw closest to the nose cone can't be accessed even with a stubby screwdriver without loosening whole headlamp and turning it. Nightmare if you have to change a bulb on the road - in fact you would be lucky not to lose a screw as they are underneath. The quality is still poor with the glass not fitting properly into the frame. All in all a step backwards I would say.

5612F6C3-01F2-4DE7-BF0E-A3BC2C92FD39.thumb.jpeg.fbc8671e70ec9cbb33bf8caef377cecb.jpeg 361DB8CE-AF58-445D-B95C-7F55FFEA8CB0.thumb.jpeg.2b0ba79ef7f0a4ed1f07e1e4e82d7ab1.jpeg


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Thank you. I hadn't seen the previous info. To confirm, both screws do need removing and access is by lifting the bottom out first as they hook over at the top. I decided not to fit the screw closest to the nose cone and used a drop of low strength Locktite on the other one. I will keep the unused screw in the boot as a spare as they tend to fall on the floor when removed.

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