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620 Front Toe Angle


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Not sure if anyone can help. 

After hitting a pot hole and having to change my aero wishbone and wheel/ tyre, I need to find the measurements to get the tracking checked.  

Everyone wants to offer me a flat floor set up or a full laser 4 wheel alignment when all I want is the front checked and adjustments if necessary as I'm not even sure it's out.  My local tyre place can do it if I get the front toe angle in mm apparently.  It's for a 620 SV. 

Is this something anyone can help with? I will be trying to claim back from the council as I'm nearly £700 deep in parts already but can't confirm they will pay out; hence why I'm a bit apprehensive on spending another £225+vat on a full set up! 

Any advice/ help would be appreciated. 

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It's personal choice really, but you'd not go far wrong with just being parallel. A touch out if it's predominantly a track car, a touch in if it is all road.

No more than 1-2mm at the rim either way normally.

My CSR runs parallel for ref, no need for the 620 to be any different for a mix of track and road.

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No, it was only the front left wheel, nothing involving any others so dedion was fine.  

Why take the chance? The impact was under 10 mph and only touched the front left wheel.  The wheel has only a slight bit out the Ali but it was £40 more to replace with new then refurb.  The only damage was the lower aero and a nick in the tyre/ wheel.  It's cost ME £700 so far to repair from a council issue with the roads that I doubt I can claim back, and if I can it will probably be partial.  I would prefer not spending another £300 with VAT for something that currently looks fine IMO but I want to double check, hence why I am asking.  If the worst come to the worst and I'm not happy or the garage isn't, of course, I will get a full alignment if required. 

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Little update, after talking to a few garages I was not feeling that confident from the conversations about equipment not fitting the wheels properly/ overall knowledge to even check the tracking.  I've decided to get a flat floor setup to include full alignment for peace of mind. Thanks again for everyone's help. 

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