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Filling the Ford LSD diff wih lubricant.


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Are you checking the quantity of lubricant with the diff fitted?  If so the only method of measurement is by removing the plug at the rear face and (if nothing comes out) filling to the point where it does.   I use a Machine Mart pump action:


Usually takes only 3 or 4 pumps during my annual servicing checks to bring to correct level which means a 1 ltr bottle last a long time.   If you need more than 1/2 ltr for topping up you have a seal problem.

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Silly question to start with, but you've arrived to the correct conclusion. *byebye*

More powerful cars have the brass vent tapped in on top of the rear cover where you do connect the breather hose that lives under the boot floor. Sierra casing for a 7 inch diff with a big ass LSD takes about 1.2-1.3 litres of oil. Make sure the car is levelled. 

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